The VeRsa

You want to look good, feel good, and get out there and enjoy life. You know how to work hard and play harder. Physical activity is a priority to live a long and healthy life. From the soccer field to the beach, and from the park to the mountains, the world is your playground and you need a product that can go with you every step of the way. Meet the VeRsa.

Lid retainer for carrying
oversized items.

Over 300 cubic inches of
waterproof storage

Engineered foam pattern
depth to provide varying

Personal Combo lock
keeps contents safe

Removable, locking
stretch and carry strap

Extremely lightweight
just 3 lbs.

"Muscle works well when it’s very pliable and supple. In order to do that, you have to have some type of massage. Foam rolling is an excellent way to do that."

− Brent Callaway, Professional Athlete Performance Coach

"I think this is a really creative new product. I hope that the conveniences makes it easier for moms to incorporate rolling in to their active lifestyle."

− Lisa Druxman, Chief Founding Mom, FIT4MOM

"The GoRoll is an extraordinary new product and I should know; my life's work has been creating highly functional fitness equipment."

− Tom Campanaro, Founder of Total Gym

Introducing the GoRoll

The GoRoll is the first and only product of its kind designed to help you balance your daily demands and achieve your training goals. The GoRoll is uniquely designed with a hollow center that is both waterproof and lockable, offering you a secure place to store your valuables while you’re on the go. The GoRoll is made portable by a carry strap that detaches and doubles as a stretch strap. The GoRoll is available in three unique product designs to best meet your needs, whether you’re CrossFit training, working out at the beach, taking a bootcamp class in the park, hiking mountains, traveling, or heading to the yoga studio.

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The GoRoll is a foam roller. Foam Rollers are crucial for athletes to release tension and soreness in muscles, promote healing, reduce stiffness and improve range of motion. The foam exterior of the GoRoll features an innovative, increasing-depth pattern to provide firmer or softer pressure depending on the area utilized.


The GoRoll goes wherever you do. A durable carry strap detaches and doubles as a six-foot long stretch strap. Whether you wear it as a backpack or over the shoulder, the GoRoll travels with you. The gym is no longer the only place you can maximize your workout, so get out there and get training!


The GoRoll stores and secures your belongings. The hollow space inside the GoRoll is both waterproof and lockable, which serves as a safe place to store your valuables. Anyone who loves outdoor workouts or goes to a gym without lockers knows the value of security. The lockable lid fastens to the bottom of the GoRoll, keeping the lid safe and secure and allowing for storage of bigger items such as a yoga mat or slack-lining ropes.

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