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ACE Fitness

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Foam Rolling 101foamroll101Foam rolling is a self-myofascial release technique (SMR), which is a type of therapy used to eliminate general fascia restrictions. It is commonly used as a a warm-up for mobility and/or a cool-down for recovery, although it should not fully replace stretching.  Read More

Ideally Fit

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Fit on the go | Go Roll

Not just a foam roller.

A dear friend of mine got me the Go Roll as a gift. She’s a fellow fitness and pilates lover so she apparently knew exactly what I’d love(thanks so much Meka!) It comes in a couple of color options, mine just happened to match my Bose headphones spot on. I absolutely adore this foam roller because it gets pretty creative with all of the unexpected features. It’s a new product to hit the market so I thought I would do a personal review of my experience with it so far.

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The Huffington Post

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Must Have Accessories for a Yoga Getaway


GoRoll offers the first portable, lockable and waterproof foam roller that ensures a secure place for valuables. The hollow center has enough room to store your id, credit card, wallet, keys and event your yoga mat! A removable carry strap doubles as a backpack and a six-foot long stretch strap. Read More

About Health

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KarmaRu Review: A 3-in-1 Fitness Solution

What Do You Get When You Combine a Foam Roller, Locker and Gym Bag?

I’m a bit of a foam rolling and self-massage freak. As someone with chronic low back pain and a propensity to push myself hard during tough workouts, I’m no stranger to tight muscles and knot-like muscle adhesions. I’m also someone who tends to take an arsenal of fitness equipment with me wherever I go… Read More

CNN Health

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Family workouts that strengthen bodies and bonds

CNN Health


Myofascial release

This is intended to relieve tension and increase blood flow in muscles.

You can roll virtually every part of your body, but in the interest of time during family workouts, we stick to the major muscles of the legs and back. Roll up and down for about 30 seconds each. This can also be used as a cool-down. Read More


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The 9 Coolest Food & Fitness Products From IDEA World 2015

Recently, the LIVESTRONG.COM editorial team attended the annual IDEA World Fitness & Nutrition Expo, the Los Angeles-based bonanza of all things exercise-related. Along with trainers, nutritionists and other industry insiders, we  got to see products and demos from well-known brands and personalities like Jillian Michaels, Zumba, Lorna Jane and Bowflex as well as up-and-comers like KiraGrace, RAD Roller, Skoop and Slackline. There was a lot to take in, test out and taste. Read More